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  • drumMUSTER and ChemClear lend a hand in bushfire clean-up

    Last updated: 25-Jan-2013
    Australia’s two on-farm chemical waste programs are lending a hand to those affected in the bushfires by assisting the clean-up of any agvet chemicals or containers damaged in the devastation. So far more than 200 homes and about as many sheds across the country have been destroyed by raging fires in Victoria and NSW. In Coona...
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  • Tasmania collection on hold after registration slump

    Last updated: 10-Jan-2013
    A planned collection of unwanted and out-of-date agvet chemicals for Tasmanian waste holders is currently on hold due to a lack of registrations. Currently more than 600 litres of unwanted “Group 1” chemical have been registered through ChemClear after a call for registrations was announced last October. Under the program Gr...
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  • ChemClear NSW run clears 11 tonnes of chemicals

    Last updated: 10-Jan-2013
    ChemClear has started the New Year on a high after finalising the results of the program’s latest run through NSW. The program, which collects and disposes unwanted and out-of-date agvet chemicals, cleaned-up a total of 11,383 litres of product from around the state. More than 6300 litres of chemical classified as Group 1 was ...
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  • Slow registrations prompt renewed calls in Tasmania

    Last updated: 20-Dec-2012
    A lack of agvet chemicals being registered for this year’s ChemClear collection run in Tasmania has promoted ChemClear to call on chemical users to clear out their unwanted stocks or wait another  year. The waste disposal program that collects unwanted, unused or out of date agvet chemicals announced its annual collection for...
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  • Registrations soar for NSW chemical clean-up

    Last updated: 14-Nov-2012
    Thousands of out-of-date and unwanted agvet chemicals have been registered for disposal through ChemClear to be collected in its scheduled NSW run next month. It’s not too late to register, with the booking line scheduled to close on Friday 14th September. The ChemClear truck will visit Albury, Harden, Bombala, Moree, Cobar, ...
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  • Keen Tasmanians to clean-up chemicals for state-wide collection

    Last updated: 24-Sep-2012
    Tasmania may not have the biggest users of agvet chemicals in Australia, but its farmers and businesses have proven to be some of the most responsible. Agvet chemical users in the apple isle have been urged to register their out-of-date and unwanted agvet chemicals for ChemClear’s state-wide collection this December. Ten waste...
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  • ChemClear here for record NSW clean-up

    Last updated: 16-Aug-2012
    The time has come to clean-up your shed of left-over agvet chemicals as registrations start to pile up for this year’s ChemClear state-wide collection. To keep up with growing demand the national agvet chemical waste disposal scheme has scheduled a state-wide NSW collection for October. Now is the time for growers, turf manage...
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  • ChemClear gives helping hand to turf growers

    Last updated: 21-Jun-2012
    ChemClear is here to save the day for turf growers who are crying out for help in disposing of their unregistered and unwanted agvet chemicals. Stocks of out-of-date chemicals are piling up in sheds across the state and many don’t know what to do with them. And with business owners increasingly required to abide by strict regu...
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  • Don't wait to register unwanted chemicals

    Last updated: 8-Jun-2012
    Regional Victorians are being reminded to have a look in their sheds for any unwanted agvet chemicals and to register them for ChemClear’s next local collection. The program has just wrapped up a four day run which collected and disposed of more than 1700 litres of unwanted agvet chemicals from landholders in the Coldstream, B...
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  • ChemClear makes its mark

    Last updated: 24-May-2012
    More than 100 farmers have cleansed their lands of toxic and dangerous chemicals after using the ChemClear program during its state wide collection this year. ChemClear chemist Andrew Haines said farmers drove away with big smiles on their faces. “The relief these farmers expressed in being able to deliver their chemicals to u...
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