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“We found chemicals without labels piled up during a shed cleanout … we didn’t know what to do with it all”.

Annabel King-Christopher, Borenore, NSW

“It was a relief to get rid of these old chemicals … people need to make the most of ChemClear”.

Dr Frances Holmes, Orange, NSW

“There’s a threat if someone grabs the wrong drum as it can affect the whole crop”.

Mr Lauren Munro, Central Western Air Spray (Forbes), Ltd, NSW

“I think it’s a valuable service and very relevant and important for not just the community, but especially in the areas of farming as well.”
– Bill O’Regan, Fleurieu Regional Council, SA

“It’s a great service, because it encourages people to get rid of their potentially hazardous products and it’s pretty well-run and organised as well.”
-Stephen Lucas, Farmer Warrnambool, Victoria

“ChemClear is a really great thing to do, farmers tend to accumulate quite a few chemicals, whether they ‘go out of fashion‘ or you buy too many of them and we were very happy with our experience.”
-Ewan Denney, Farmer Ulverstone, Tasmania