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Who’s Involved

ChemClear’s success is due to the contributions of many.

There are a variety of experts involved in the ChemClear program, from the head office staff located in the nation’s capital to the chemists that travel with our distinctive truck, picking up the chemicals on collection runs.

From the point of manufacturer, through the retail chain, to chemical users and the disposal  process. Everyone plays their part.

Australian manufacturers supporting the program are an excellent example of good corporate citizenship by providing a stewardship pathway for their products at the end of their life cycle.  By participating in ChemClear they are showing their commitment to our industry, the environment and ensuring surplus chemicals do not become an environmental waste issue in the future.

Local Governments and Retail stores contribute considerably to ChemClear operations by providing collection sites and by helping communicate our messages from advising on collections to reporting on the success stories.

All of our staff, consultants and contractors have one common goal and that is to assist AgVet chemical users to safely and easily dispose of their unwanted or obsolete chemicals.