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AgVet Stores

AgVet retail staff play an integral role in providing information to their customer base about the advantages of the ChemClear program.

AgVet chemical users rely upon store personnel and agronomists for information when purchasing their product, including the correct use, handling and storage of chemicals.

Chemical users also need to know that there is an easy disposal service available to them when they buy chemicals. AgVet stores play a huge role by informing their clients of the ChemClear and drumMUSTER disposal and recycling programs.

By providing advice to clients on disposal options available and displaying ChemClear promotional materials in store, AgVet retailers are ensuring that the people who need the program are aware of its existence.

The ChemClear and drumMUSTER programs would not be as successful today without the excellent co-operation and dedication of employees at AgVet retail stores across Australia.

Our team of Regional Consultants are available to provide assistance, information and deliver promotional materials to retail stores.


Disposal Service for AgVet Stores

The Retail Store Policy for Group 1 chemicals is as follows:

Introduced on 1st January 2007, this policy allows for the free collection of 40 lt/kg per year, per store.  Additional registrations of over 40 lt/kg per year can be made by AgVet stores with no weight limitation.  A per lt/kg disposal fee will apply.

ChemClear recommends retail stores register any unwanted chemicals on a yearly basis as the 40 lt/kg FREE collection can be accumulated year-on-year, until a ChemClear service is available in the area.

For example:

A West Australian AgVet store has 128 lt/kg of unwanted Group 1 chemical and registers the product on the booking line in March 2014.

The registration remains current until the scheduled collection in June 2016.

The retail store would be entitled to a cumulative total of 120 lt/kg of FREE disposal under the 40lt per year policy and would only be required to pay the cost of the additional 8 lt/kg of chemical being registered.

Retail stores can use ChemClear for any stock that falls into the Group 2 chemical classification eg. From non-participating manufacturers, unknown, unlabelled or out of date chemicals under a user-pays system.