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Do it right!

AgVet chemical users registering for the ChemClear service are required to transport their own chemicals to the ChemClear retrieval vehicle at sites nominated in Local Government areas.

ChemClear requests that all chemical users take all care and responsibility for the safe transportation of their AgVet chemicals to the nominated ChemClear retrieval point.

If you need help with the packaging and transportation of your chemicals, contact ChemClear on 1800 008 182 to ask for assistance from our specialist team.

Everybody has to comply with the Australian Dangerous Goods Code for the transport of Dangerous Goods by road or rail, unless the following conditions are met:

  • The goods are packaged dangerous goods
  • The goods are not, and do not include designated dangerous goods
  • The aggregate quantity of the dangerous goods in the load is less than 25 per cent of a placard load.

Ute it, Don’t Boot It

Always be sure to transport chemicals in the back of a ute or truck and definitely do not place them in the boot of a car or in the back of a station wagon.

Other important things to remember are:

  • any incompatible chemicals should be packaged individually and separated from each other during transportation;
  • do not transport OCP’s or other pesticides with food, animal feed or consumer goods
  • check container to ensure there is no leakage
  • if additional containment is required, small containers stored in a cut-down plastic or steel drums, or, a sealed plastic bag around a leaking bottle can be used
  • do not expose containers to excessive moisture or heat
  • always wear protective clothing and equipment when handling chemicals