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Register Your Chemicals

To learn more about Group 1 and Group 2 chemicals please visit this link
Eligible Chemicals – ChemClear

Collections are scheduled based on the volume of chemical registrations received by region and state across Australia. On average ChemClear undertakes 2-3 state collections and several local regional collections annually.

Proposed State collection periods

Western Australia – March-April 2024
Registrations close 31 January 2024

New South Wales – Mid-late 2024
Please note these dates/periods may change due to levels of product registered for collection.

If your disposal requirements are urgent please contact us directly on 1800 008 182 and our team will be able to advise of any options available to you.

Download a ChemClear Inventory Form to assist you with your registration.

There are six steps to the program:

Step 1:

Take an inventory of your chemicals, including:

  • manufacturer’s name
  • product name
  • size of the container (eg 20 litres)
  • an estimation of the remaining quantity in that container (eg 1/4 full, 1/2 full, full etc)
  • the condition of the container (eg good, leaking, fragile etc)

If the chemical is unknown, your inventory should include:

  • size of the container (eg 20lt)
  • an estimation of the remaining quantity in that container (eg 1/4 full, 1/2 full, full etc)
  • any identifiable indicators available.
Step 2:

Register your chemicals either:

  • Online
    for a simple steps guide, CLICK HERE
  • Free call 1800 008 182,
  • Complete and return a ChemClear Inventory Form to or,
  • Mail to ChemClear GPO Box 816 Canberra City

All successful registrations are acknowledged by email or post.  A reference number relating to each of your Group 1 and 2 chemical registrations will be provided.

Step 3:

Continue to store the chemicals you have registered with ChemClear safely and securely.

An appropriate quantity of storage stickers will be sent out by post, one month after your registration with ChemClear.  These stickers will display your registration reference number and are provided to place on the containers you have registered for disposal.  These stickers will aid safe storage and identify the chemicals to your employees, auditors and others as being registered for disposal.

Step 4:

ChemClear will contact you directly to advise the location and date of the collection point in your local government area.  If you have registered any Group 2 classified chemicals you will be provided with a quotation on a per lt/kg basis for the collection and disposal of these products.

All chemicals that have been booked for disposal through ChemClear remain in the custody of the registrant.  Storage and management of these chemicals is the responsibility of the registrant until they are handed over to the ChemClear retrieval team on the day of the collection.

Collections are scheduled in local government areas on a 2-3 year state cycle or when demand in registrations supports a state or local regional collection.

Step 5:

When a collection is scheduled in your area ChemClear will contact you and provide the following information:

  • the address of the collection site
  • a date for the collection
  • an appointment time to deliver the chemicals to our team
Step 6:
  • Prepare your chemicals to be transported to the collection point.
  • Deliver your chemicals to the retrieval team at the nominated site in your local government area on the day scheduled.

How ChemClear will communicate with you

ChemClear uses phone, email, SMS, website updates and social media opportunities to keep registrants informed of the program and collection scheduling.

We respect your privacy

ChemClear has policies and procedures in place to ensure that all personal information is handled sensitively, securely, and in accordance with the National Privacy Principles.

View ChemClear’s Privacy Policy.