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Eligible Chemicals

Chemicals eligible for collection for FREE under the program will display the drumMUSTER/ChemClear eligible logo on the chemical container.  Eligible chemicals are referred to as Group 1 under the program.


The eligible logo may be displayed as:

  • a sticker on the container;
  • included on the product label, or
  • embossed into the containers wall.

If the chemical container does not display an eligible logo, it may be because the manufacturer is not participating in the program.  This means that any surplus chemicals are not eligible for FREE collection under ChemClear.

Unknown, unlabelled and non-participating manufacturers’ products fall into ChemClear’s Group 2 classification.  These chemicals can still be collected by ChemClear but attract a per lt/kg fee for disposal.

Group 1 Chemicals are collected FREE of charge.  These chemicals are:

  • in their original container
  • label intact and readable
  • manufactured or supplied by companies participating in the drumMUSTER program
  • registered, suspended or withdrawn chemicals whose registration has ceased within the past two years
  • within two years of the chemicals expiration date
  • not held by distributors or AgVet stores as unwanted inventory.

 Group 2 Chemicals are those chemicals that are:

  • no longer registered for use (exceeding 2 years from de-registration)
  • unknown
  • unlabelled
  • expired (exceeding 2 years from expiration date)
  • mixed AgVet chemicals
  • chemicals from non-participating  manufacturers.

Cost – Group 2

A per lt/kg fee applies for disposal of Group 2 chemicals. A quotation is provided to the waste holder for their consideration prior to a collection being scheduled for pickup of these items.