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Host Sites

Local Government plays a critical role

ChemClear relies on local councils to provide temporary sites for the ChemClear retrieval team during a campaign.  Once a collection run is announced, registrants are notified about when and where they can drop off their chemicals with the program.

ChemClear’s registration data determines from which local government areas that it will visit to collect registered chemicals. Councils can establish more than one collection site in their region to help waste holders minimise their travel to a location.

When registering with ChemClear, chemical users provide their address and council/shire details and this information is used to link registrations to the available local government or other available sites on the ChemClear database.

ChemClear does not require Councils to hold, sort or store any chemicals under the program.  ChemClear makes sure that all chemical waste stays with the owner of the waste until the day of collection, when it is then passed to the ChemClear team who facilitates the storage, transport and disposal with their licensed contractors.

ChemClear provides communication and promotional materials to Councils and collection reports on chemicals received from their regions after the collection.

If your Council is not a partner to the ChemClear program, and you want to get involved, contact us on 02 6206 6868 to find out more information.