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Slow registrations prompt renewed calls in Tasmania

Published: 20-12-2012

A lack of agvet chemicals being registered for this year’s ChemClear collection run in Tasmania has promoted ChemClear to call on chemical users to clear out their unwanted stocks or wait another  year.

The waste disposal program that collects unwanted, unused or out of date agvet chemicals announced its annual collection for December.

But in the past month since the call for registrations went out in in October only four people have added their chemicals to Tassie’s bookings for this year’s collection.

So far, 15 chemical users have taken advantage of the program and registered more than 457 litres of eligible agvet chemical from manufacturers participating in ChemClear. These chemicals are taken off waste holder’s hands at no cost.

While 33 waste holders have registered just over 5,311 litres of unknown, de-registered chemicals manufactured from non-participating companies to the ChemClear scheme.

ChemClear collects and destroys these chemicals, known as Group 2, but there is a per litre fee attached to the disposal of these chemicals as they fall outside of the program’s scope.

ChemClear’s National Program Manger Lisa Nixon said the program’s success in clearing out old chemicals over the past few years across the state may be the reason behind this year’s low registrations.

“We’re seeing fewer people register their chemicals this year. Apart from 2007 ChemClear has held a collection in Tassie every year for the past five years,” Lisa said. “The result we are having this year may be a reflection on the availability and take up of the program over those years.”

Last year chemical users turned in more than 4053 litres of agvet chemical from both Group 1 and 2 categories. Since 2005 over 17 tonnes of chemical has been removed for safe disposal from the state.

Lisa said the current registrations coming in on the booking line for this year’s collection isn’t enough so far to reach the program’s specified target.

“Under the Industry Waste Reduction Scheme the program is funded by a levy placed on eligible agvet chemicals manufactured by participating companies, which makes ChemClear available at no extra charge for people to offload these chemicals at the end of their life cycle,” she said.

“If the program is unable to reach its litre target of chemical bookings, it will become unviable for us to schedule the collection this year. The booking line is due to close on the 13thNovember, so there is still time to meet our registration target.”

Lisa said the best thing to do is take a look in your shed and register your agvet chemicals before the 13th November to be able to offload your waste to the ChemClear team during the campaign.

To register your unwanted chemicals call ChemClear’s hotline on 1800 008 182 or visit

Since 2003, ChemClear has collected 341,000 litres of chemicals through State and regional collections, with 98% of the chemical being used as an alternative fuel source in the manufacturing of cement. Most of the material is destroyed in kilns which reach temperatures in excess of 1,800°C.