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Tasmania collection on hold after registration slump

Published: 10-01-2013

A planned collection of unwanted and out-of-date agvet chemicals for Tasmanian waste holders is currently on hold due to a lack of registrations.

Currently more than 600 litres of unwanted “Group 1” chemical have been registered through ChemClear after a call for registrations was announced last October.

Under the program Group 1 chemicals are products manufactured by any of the 99 agvet chemical manufacturers currently producing agvet chemicals for the Australian market.  These chemicals are eligible for collection and disposal at no cost.

ChemClear’s Program Manager Lisa Nixon said the current weight of product registrations received during the October 2012 campaign wasn’t enough to make a collection economically viable in November last  year.

“To make it worthwhile for ChemClear to travel south to Tassie from our base in Melbourne we need a volume of at least 1000 – 1200 litres of agvet chemicals to have been registered through our system to ensure viability,” she said.

“We advertised last year throughout Tassie but unfortunately did not meet our quota of litreage to sustain the collection.  We will now send out another call to action to agvet chemical users to see if we can boost the level of registrations.”

“If we reach the target for a collection the ChemClear truck could start its round in just a few short months.”

ChemClear has previously held five state collections retrieving in excess of 17,185 litres of hazardous chemicals from the state.

To register your unwanted chemicals for ChemClear’s next run call the hotline on 1800 008 182 or visit