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Keen Tasmanians to clean-up chemicals for state-wide collection

Published: 24-09-2012

Tasmania may not have the biggest users of agvet chemicals in Australia, but its farmers and businesses have proven to be some of the most responsible.

Agvet chemical users in the apple isle have been urged to register their out-of-date and unwanted agvet chemicals for ChemClear’s state-wide collection this December.

Ten waste holders have already registered more than 360 litres of chemical coming from chemical manufacturers participating in ChemClear. These are taken off their hands for free.

While more than 4800 litres from 26 waste holders have registered chemicals classified as unknown or from non-participating companies. ChemClear collects and destroys these chemicals, know as Group 2, but there is a per litre fee attached to the disposal as they fall outside of the program’s scope.

ChemClear’s National Program Manger Lisa Nixon said despite the small amount of chemical being registered compared to bigger states, Tassie chemical users continue to do the right thing.

“What Tasmania lacks in the quantities of chemical being registered it makes up in responsible waste holders who want to get rid of their unwanted stocks, no matter how much chemical is remaining in the container,” she said.

“ChemClear has been collecting in Tassie on an almost yearly basis since 2006. We give people an opportunity to do the right thing and dispose of their chemicals environmentally.

“We are just starting our advertising campaign for this year’s collection but from the data so far quantities on the booking line range from one litre to 600 litres and are from waste holders spread across the state including Avoca, Swansea, Wynyard and Lauchlan.”

Lisa said waste holders still have plenty of time to register their chemicals for the December collection before the booking line closes on 13th November.

But she reminded Tasmanians that while chemicals from participating manufacturers to the program will be taken off their hands free of charge, any unknown, mixed or non-participating manufacturers chemicals can be disposed of through ChemClear under a per litre disposal fee.

“This hasn’t stopped waste holders before,” Lisa said. “Last year chemical users turned in more than 4500 litres of agvet chemical from both Group 1 and 2 categories.”

“With current registrations, Tasmania is well on its way to smashing that record by December.”

Since 2003, ChemClear has collected 341,000 litres of chemicals through State and regional collections, with 98% of the chemical being used as an alternative fuel source in the manufacturing of cement. Most of the material is destroyed in kilns which reach temperatures in excess of 1,800°C.

To register your unwanted chemicals call ChemClear’s hotline on 1800 008 182 or visit