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Time to safely dispose of unwanted AgVet chemicals as ChemClear collection comes to NSW

Published: 27-03-2024

As part of our commitment to environmental stewardship and public safety, Agsafe is proud to announce that their ChemClear program will be holding a collection in New South Wales later this year. Residents and businesses with unwanted Agricultural and Veterinary (AgVet) chemicals are urged to register them through the ChemClear website for safe and responsible disposal.

ChemClear provides a vital service to the agricultural industry looking to safely dispose of unused or expired AgVet chemicals. In December 2023, ChemClear achieved a remarkable milestone by surpassing the collection of over 1 million litres/kilograms of unused chemicals. This accomplishment highlights the effectiveness and importance of ChemClear in addressing the critical need for responsible disposal practices in the agricultural sector.

By registering these chemicals with ChemClear, participants not only contribute to environmental preservation but also ensure the protection of communities and ecosystems from the potential hazards associated with improper chemical disposal.

Some of the key benefits of utilising ChemClear’s collection service include:

  • Environmental protection: Disposing of AgVet chemicals through ChemClear ensures that they are handled and disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner, minimising the risk of pollution and contamination.
  • Compliance and safety: ChemClear’s collection process adheres to strict regulatory standards, guaranteeing compliance with local and national regulations. This ensures the safety of handlers, communities, and the environment.
  • Convenience: ChemClear simplifies the disposal process by offering collection services at convenient locations across Australia. Participants can register their unwanted chemicals online, making it easy and hassle-free to dispose of them responsibly.
  • Cost-effective solution: Utilising ChemClear’s collection service eliminates the need for costly disposal methods, saving participants both time and money while promoting sustainability.

Now is the time for individuals and businesses in NSW to act and register their unwanted AgVet chemicals through ChemClear. By doing so, you will not only fulfill your responsibility to the environment and your community, but you will also contribute to a safer and more sustainable future for all.

Join us in safeguarding our environment and communities through responsible AgVet chemical disposal with ChemClear.