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ChemClear is coming to Victoria -Register Now.

Published: 09-11-2022

ChemClear is a non-profit collection service for users of agricultural and veterinary chemicals, offering an environmentally sound solution to dispose of unwanted or obsolete farm chemicals.

A ChemClear collection has been scheduled for Victoria in February 2023.  Victorian farmers and chemical holders can register their unwanted AgVet chemicals for collection at any time up until 16 December 2022 by going to

About the program:

Since entering the agricultural waste sector in 2003, ChemClear has strived to help farmers and other users of AgVet chemicals manage chemical storages and deliver solutions for chemical waste disposal.

ChemClear is Australia’s only Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) program operating for AgVet chemicals and is an initiative of the Industry Waste Reduction Scheme (IWRS).

ChemClear is funded by a levy collected under the Industry Waste Reduction Scheme (IWRS).  The levy also supports ChemClear’s sister program drumMUSTER.

ChemClear and its partners are delighted with the progress the service has made since 2003 in which the program has collected and disposed of more than 790,000 litres of obsolete, inherited and unknown AgVet chemicals.

Our goal is to reduce the quantity of AgVet chemicals stored on properties and in businesses across Australia, thereby reducing negative impacts on the environment, people and trade in the future.

Using ChemClear ensures that AgVet chemical users will meet their responsibilities and obligations under any Quality Assurance, Farm or Environmental Management program.

ChemClear is delivered by Agsafe Limited on behalf of AgStewardship Australia Limited and its stakeholders CropLife Australia, Animal Medicines Australia Limited, Veterinary Manufacturer’s and Distributors Association and the National Farmers Federation.

Contact ChemClear for further information: 1800 008 182 or call (02) 6206 6888