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South East Queensland AgVet Chemical cleanup program extended

Published: 13-04-2022

Updated 17 May 2022

Register your flood impacted agvet chemicals for collection

Registration of flood impacted chemicals extended until Friday 27 May

Due to the rain in the past week Agsafe has extended the registration date for the QLD Government supported agvet chemical collection program in the region. The new cut-off date is 5.00pm on Friday 27th May.

To assist farmers and other agvet chemical users by the recent floods, Agsafe, in collaboration with the Qld Department of Environment and Science, is enabling an extraordinary ChemClear run through South East Queensland.

As with other ChemClear campaigns, agricultural chemical holders will need to pre-register.  Please click on this link to register your chemicals for collection.

This ‘Flood Run’ is a short, sharp campaign to remove drumMUSTER eligible products that have been impacted by the flood, and therefore rendered obsolete.  This is a free service for drumMUSTER eligible products In addition, the Qld Department of Environment and Science will fund for non-drumMUSTER products at the same time.  This campaign is designed to enable to safe and secure removal of flood impacted chemicals off farms and out of rural communities with no additional cost for registrants accepted.

There are some eligibility requirements which will be further specified during the registration process.

You need to register products by Friday 27 May. Please go to the website for further details.  This registration form and the confirmation of delivery of products can be used for QA or BMP programs if required. 

Also, to ensure there is limited risk associated with the drop-off of affected chemicals and containers, registrants are required to follow the directions of council staff and all PPE should be worn when handling the products delivered.

The registration process will allow for specific units for the drop off of flood impacted products to be identified and where possible units for the segregation of particular products will be noted.  Please give as much detail that is available during the registration process.

Once the registration period has finished, registrants will be contacted and advised where they should deliver their registered products for collection.