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MEDIA RELEASE: ChemClear bookings end soon in South Australia

Published: 03-04-2018

3 April 2018

ChemClear bookings end soon in South Australia

South Australians have less than four weeks to register their old farm chemicals with ChemClear.

Growers, farmers and chemical users throughout the state have until 27 April to book their unwanted chemicals with Australia’s largest agvet chemical disposal service, for the statewide collection in June 2018.

ChemClear program manager, Frank Wimmler, said South Australian growers were committed to using the service to safely dispose of their unwanted agvet products.

“Farmers have huge expenses and need to use all chemicals they purchase when possible, so they’re making great decisions when they buy what they need and use ChemClear to dispose of their leftover products,” he said.

Farmers often end up with chemicals they can’t reuse and property owners may inherit chemicals when they buy land, when they switch crops, or buy specific use chemicals for one-off pest events.

“It’s easy to get involved, simply make a list of all surplus and unknown chemicals, then contact ChemClear or go to our online registration portal to book them for the upcoming collection before 27 April,” Mr Wimmler said.

ChemClear is trialing a joint collection with MobileMuster, so chemical users can drop off both their unwanted mobiles and accessories on their scheduled delivery day.

MobileMuster’s Spyro Kalos said the collaboration will make it easy for rural residents to responsibly dispose of both their mobile phones and chemicals in one convenient collection.

“This is a great initiative that tackles two waste streams and gives residents the opportunity to declutter their home or work space in a safe, secure and environmentally sound way,” Mr Kalos said.

To register visit or phone 1800 008 182.

For interviews contact:

Frank Wimmler, ChemClear program manager – phone: 0456 001 223

Spyro Kalos, MobileMuster recycling manager – phone: 0404 015 533