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Sponsorship opportunities for women

Published: 31-07-2017

Are you an Australian woman involved in the agriculture industry?

Or perhaps you’re a domestic ag student seeking mentoring opportunities.

Agsafe’s ChemClear and drumMUSTER programs are sponsoring three people to attend the AWiA annual conference this September in Brisbane, where this year’s theme is Securing Australian Agriculture – sustaining families, farming and our future.

Agsafe understands the contribution of women is vital to the long-term viability of the nation’s agriculture industry, and recognises their important and varied roles as leaders both on-farm and in communities, particularly with sustainability matters.

This three-day event from 22-24 September is an excellent opportunity to widen the agricultural network for Australian farming women, who are generating 48 per cent of real farm income.

The conference provides a chance to mix with other women working in the industry and learn from speakers on managing rural issues.

The keynote speaker is Rochelle Courtney, Cosmopolitan 2017 Humanitarian of the Year and founder of Share the Dignity charity.  There are also event tours and a cocktail launch.

If you, or someone you know, wishes to attend the conference, we’d like to hear from you and in 1000 words or less, answer the following set of questions:
1.  What types of waste does your farm generate?
2.  Has this volume of waste increased or decreased over the past 3 years?
3.  What opportunities are there to reduce waste on your farm and how is it being, or could be managed?
4  What waste reduction initiatives do you have in place on your farm?
5.  What does sustainability mean to you?
6.  Have you used the ChemClear or drumMUSTER programs before?  If so please describe the experience.
Please email your responses to Lisa Nixon, ChemClear Program Manager, by 18 August, 2017.