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Christmas is coming early for NSW agvet chemical users

Published: 19-10-2016

Over 53 tonne of obsolete agvet chemical has been registered with the ChemClear program from over 200 waste holders in the lead up to this year’s NSW state roundup.

ChemClear is currently in the process of finalising over 80 Local Government Host sites to retrieve the waste from those people that have pre-registered as part of the ‘milk run’ collection across the state.

Lisa Nixon, National Program Manager is excited about the result, “We have had a huge response to this year’s calls for registrations, under the ChemClear initiative farmers and other agvet chemical users must pre-register with the program to ensure their products are eligible for collection.  This year we have had additional funding from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage to support farmers disposing of their unknown, out of date and de-registered chemicals.

The farmers who have registered for the program are grateful for the funding support with some claiming that ‘Christmas has come early’.  They are very pleased to be able to safely and environmentally dispose of their unwanted chemical”.

The clean-up of old, unknown and out of date chemicals from farms not only benefits the owners of the farm, but their children, employees and the greater community.

Collections are scheduled to commence in the far north of NSW during the last week of October with the retrieval truck winding its way through the state from Moree in the north to Wentworth in the south.

If agvet chemical users have missed this collection, there is always another one on the horizon.  Register at or by phoning 1800 008 182.