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What’s In Your Shed?

Published: 27-07-2016

Keeping old or unwanted agricultural and veterinary chemicals stored in your shed presents an unnecessary risk to staff, family, livestock, pets and the environment.

Don’t leave them lingering for the next person, manager or generation to deal with, book them in now for ChemClear’s upcoming collection.

Farmers and other agvet chemical users across New South Wales have another opportunity to dispose of their unwanted chemicals as ChemClear schedules a collection through the state commencing in October.

This year’s run will be NSW’s 6th state collection since the program kicked off in 2003.  Over 136 tonne of chemical has been collected from NSW for safe disposal and a total of 527 tonne nationally through the stewardship program.

Over 100 chemical users have got in early and registered for this collection with registrations received from farmers, golf courses, schools, bowling greens, chemical distributors, turf and pest management organisations.  With this excellent early response ChemClear is anticipating this year’s collection to be one of its biggest yet.  Waste holders must take an inventory and register with the program on or before close of business 2nd September to be included in the October collection.

ChemClear’s National Manager Lisa Nixon said the program strives to help chemical users make good purchasing, storing and disposal decisions with their agvet chemicals.

“Before this stewardship program kicked off farmers and other chemical users across Australia had very limited opportunities to dispose of their unwanted, unstable, inherited and unknown chemicals,” she said.

“So the containers continued to sit and gather dust in chemical sheds across Australia. Simply storing the chemicals isn’t a long term viable solution, especially for those farmers and businesses who are audited against quality management systems, certifications or workplace safety programs on an annual basis.”

The chemicals ChemClear collects are classified as either Group 1 or Group 2 under the program. Group 1 are collected free of charge to chemical users as a levy has been paid on these products at the point of sale.

Participating manufacturers’ chemical drums display a logo which denotes to the ChemClear and drumMUSTER program eligibility.  121 manufacturers of agvet chemical are voluntary members of the program, showing exemplary corporate responsibility for the industry.

Group 2 chemicals include unlabeled, out of date, deregistered or mixed chemicals and chemicals from non-participating manufacturers. Group 2 products attract a fee per litre charge for disposal.

The team from ChemClear will be on the road from mid-October and will spend about 4 weeks safely collecting and disposing of agvet chemicals from hundreds of registered participants. The ChemClear team collaborates with local councils to arrange centrally-located collection sites for registrants to drop off their chemicals to their specialized team.

ChemClear’s National Program Manager Lisa Nixon says “It is a great opportunity to clear your property of hazardous chemicals and dispose of them in a responsible and environmentally-friendly way.,”

People who are bringing chemicals to the collection site must ensure they transport them safely.

“We use the mantra ‘Ute it don’t boot it’. Always transport chemicals in the back of a ute or truck. Do not place them in the boot of a car or in the back of a station wagon,” Lisa says.

This collection comes off the back of a successful campaign in Western Australia in June where the ChemClear truck collected more than 14 tonne of product for disposal.

98% of the chemicals collected is used as an alternative fuel source in the manufacturing of cement.  Most of the material is destroyed in kilns which reach temperatures in excess of 1800°C.


To register your unwanted chemicals call the hotline on 1800 008 182 or visit