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WA Farmers and other Chemical Users Display Good Environmental Practices

Published: 27-07-2016

Four successful collections for ChemClear in WA have proved that farmers and other chemical users across the state are continuing to increase their sustainable disposal practices.

The collection vehicle returned to Melbourne’s Laverton last Monday from its 4 week trip across the Nullarbor to WA with a bucket load of chemical on board.  Estimates are 15,000 lt/kg of obsolete agvet chemical has been collected from up to 100 farmers and other agvet chemical users throughout the collection.

Lisa Nixon, ChemClear National Program Manager was pleased with the result

“From my discussions with agvet chemical users in WA there seems to have been a conscious stray from purchasing bulk agvet chemicals, to, more targeted usage.  One vineyard said that they were trying to minimize their chemical purchases, and, thankful that ChemClear was able to collect all the old buildup of various bits and pieces of product not being used.”

The ChemClear service is proving very popular with farmers as the program returns to states on a cycle of every 2-3 years to ensure participation in the program is as easy as possible.

“From our experiences across Australia farmers and other users of agvet chemical do not have an issue with storing their chemicals on farm or in their businesses until ChemClear comes around.  They state that they are storing appropriately anyway, so, waiting for ChemClear to come is not an issue”.

Final results for the WA collection will be released as soon as the weigh off occurs.