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ChemClear heads to Victoria

Published: 02-09-2015

ChemClear has scheduled a collection for October/November 2015 for Victorian chemical users to register their surplus, unwanted, unlabelled, mixed or out-of-date agvet chemicals for safe disposal.

Since the program’s inception in 2003, ChemClear has undertaken approximately 34 regional collection runs across Victoria and retrieved in excess of 56 tonnes of surplus obsolete agvet chemicals. Nationally, the program has collected 501 tonnes of product over 16 years.

National Program Manager Lisa Nixon said, “We are aware that traditionally primary producers have stored chemicals on farm which, in some cases, are surplus, obsolete or unknown. These days, with the introduction of best practice and environmental management systems, chemical users must make time to regularly sort through their chemical storage and make smart chemical disposal choices. This is an important element in managing risks on farms and within businesses that use pesticides and herbicides among other chemicals.”

ChemClear is encouraging chemical users to take advantage of the regional collections taking place during October/November this year.

So far, the booking line has registered 29,540 litres of product from over 100 waste holders across from 51 local government areas in Victoria.

The ChemClear program uses local council sites to collect from waste holders who have registered their chemicals for retrieval. The collection process is quick and easy. Waste holders are given an appointment time to meet the ChemClear retrieval team to drop off their registered chemicals for safe disposal.

ChemClear collects APVMA currently registered chemicals produced by 119 manufacturers supporting the Industry Waste Reduction Scheme. Chemicals classified as Group 1 are collected free of charge. A listing of these manufacturers is available on the ChemClear website.

As an additional service, ChemClear collects what is classified as Group 2 chemicals. This category covers deregistered, out-of-date, mixed, unlabelled, unknown, or, agvet chemicals produced by a manufacturer not signed to the ChemClear stewardship program.

There is a cost for disposal of Group 2 chemicals which is quoted to the waste holder once their registration has been processed.

To register for the Victorian October/November collection, call 1800 008 182. It is recommended that waste holders do this as soon as possible as October is fast approaching.