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Last chance to register for ChemClear collection

Published: 05-03-2015

With the booking line for the Queensland collection closing on 27 March 2015, now is the perfect time to register your obsolete agvet chemicals.

Over 26,500 litres of chemical has already been registered by 92 waste holders in the state, including farmers, rural businesses and golf courses.

In the last month alone, ChemClear has recorded a 6.6% increase in registrations, with 10,500 lt/kg of Group 1 (currently registered) and 16,000 lt/kg of Group 2 (unknown and deregistered) chemicals awaiting collection in May.

National Program Manager Lisa Nixon said Queenslanders should register their chemicals now or face waiting until the next collection – which may not be for another couple of years.

“In sheds across the country, there are containers and bottles of chemicals that property owners have inherited, no longer require or have simply forgotten about. It’s time to be proactive with our farm waste recycling.”

A 4 cent per lt/kg levy is applied to participating manufacturer’s products and paid by the consumer at the point of sale.

Along with its sister company drumMUSTER, ChemClear helps manufacturers, distributors and producers commit to sustainability throughout the supply chain.

Ms Nixon said, “Besides being good for sustainability and minimising negative environmental impact, ChemClear has helped to highlight the amount of waste on farms that need to find a suitable disposal route.”

“Consumers have a huge role to play in the cycle of waste and we advocate for users of agvet chemical to take this opportunity to dispose of their obsolete chemicals whilst a part subsidy is in place from the QLD Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.”

This funding will be used to subsidise the costs to primary producers registering Group 2 chemicals, which attract a per lt/kg fee for disposal.

Bookings for the Queensland collection close on 27 March 2015. Program users are advised to complete the ChemClear Inventory Form and call 1800 008 182, email, or fill out the online form to make a booking.

To date, ChemClear has retrieved and disposed of over 141,000 litres of chemical from five previous collections in Queensland. Nationally, ChemClear is on the brink of breaking the 460,000 litre milestone.

98% of chemicals collected by ChemClear are used as an alternative fuel source in the manufacturing of cement. Most of the material is destroyed in kilns which reach temperatures in excess of 1,800°C.