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Health Warning

Published: 16-12-2014

Agsafe and its programs are working with NSW WorkCover to spread awareness of the effects of chemical exposure to farmers and the rural community.

There are a variety of chemicals that have been identified as being hazardous to health, not only from direct use but from secondary exposure.

One of the more volatile chemicals is the pesticide ‘Chlordimeform’ which was used on cotton crops by aerial spray and ground application between 1978 and 1986, and on other crops before 1976.

Other chemicals of particular concern are Organophosphate Pesticides (OPs).

Agsafe would like to encourage anyone who used or may have come into contact with these chemicals to seek medical advice.

People who were involved in the sale of these products should also be aware, and pass on this message.

NSW WorkCover has reported that the health effects can occur up to 30 years after exposure.

Please view the Fact Sheets below for more information.

Fact Sheets

Health concerns on past exposure to chlordimeform

Exposure to diesel and petrol exhaust emissions

Health concerns around organophosphate pesticides

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Rural chemical awareness campaign


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