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Register Endolsulfan for 2015 ChemClear collection

Published: 27-10-2014

The ChemClear program collects unwanted agricultural and veterinary chemicals at the end of their life cycle for appropriate disposal.

ChemClear has scheduled a collection for Queensland which is being planned for May and June 2015.

Changes to the use of certain chemicals have been introduced across the Cotton industry over the last five years. One of these changes is the deregistration of Endosulfan.

Endosulfan was banned for use by the APVMA in 2010 and a two year grace period followed.

All chemical users holding surplus Endolsulfan or any other obsolete agricultural or veterinary chemical are encouraged to compile an inventory of these products and register them for the upcoming ChemClear collection.

ChemClear collects two types of chemical:

  • Group 1 – currently registered products manufactured by member companies of the program. These chemicals are collected free of charge.
  • Group 2 – expired, banned, unknown, unlabelled or non-participating manufacturer’s products. A per lt/kg fee applies for disposal of Group 2 chemicals. A quotation is provided to the waste holder for their consideration prior to a collection being scheduled for pickup of these items.

Please see the Fact Sheet on the definition of Group 1 and 2 products.

ChemClear encourages all chemical users to utilise the Inventory Form to take a stocktake of their obsolete chemicals and register them with ChemClear for safe disposal. ChemClear will then sort the chemicals into Group 1 or 2 classifications and provide the registrant with a booking number. This tracking number assists any growers undertaking a compliance audit whilst awaiting collection.

How to Register

Free call: 1800 008 182
Click here

Completed Inventory Forms can be emailed to or faxed to (03) 9369 4380.