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SA farmers smash ChemClear records

Published: 17-04-2014

Chemical waste holders in South Australia have registered the largest amount of product for ChemClear’s upcoming collection than any previous collection held in the state.

Registrations reached more than 26,000 L/kg of agvet chemicals before the booking line closed on 28 March.

The total is more than the last three collections combined, where 20,400 L/kg of chemical had been collected and disposed of during 2005, 2008 and 2011.

ChemClear National Program Manager Lisa Nixon said this year’s collection will be taking place during May and June.

“The ChemClear truck will pick-up chemicals that have been registered since the last 2011 collection and up to the booking line closing date,” she said.

“Those who registered will be contacted directly to be advised of the date, time and location of the collection in their Local Government area.”

ChemClear collects obsolete agvet chemicals from users of these products.

Registered chemicals that are produced from one of our 106 participating manufacturers are collected free of charge.

More than 13,800 L/kg of chemical has been registered for free collection this year in South Australia.

“The ChemClear program is a vital service for chemical users needing to meet quality assurance and environmental management systems and for those just wanting to do the right thing and dispose of their chemicals safely and environmentally,” Lisa said.

Ninety eight per cent of the chemical collected is used as an alternative fuel source in the manufacturing of cement.

Most of the material is destroyed in kilns which reach temperatures in excess of 1800°C.

To register your unwanted chemicals for ChemClear’s next run, call the hotline on 1800 008 182 or visit