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ChemClear opens first permanent collection point

Published: 10-12-2013

Sydney’s agvet chemical users have disposed of more than 620 litres unwanted or out-of-date chemical at ChemClear’s new permanent collection point.

Eight registrants turned up to ChemClear’s St Marys location in Sydney’s western suburbs to off-load chemicals they no longer need or want.

ChemClear National Program Manager Lisa Nixon said the site will be ChemClear’s first permanent collection point for ChemClear’s registrants.

She said chemical users no longer needed to wait for a state collection to be scheduled to enable the collection of their chemicals.

“Our usual methodology is to collect chemicals from waste holders once a build-up of registrations occurs along a collection route,” she said.

“Our metro clients have grown over the past few years and we found that the level of service we were able to provide was not timely enough for our inner metro clients.”

Lisa said the ChemClear site will be open every second Tuesday of each month. She said it’s open to anyone looking to get rid of chemicals.

“Agricultural and veterinary chemical users are a broad group of businesses that include everyone from golf courses to sporting ovals, schools, pest management and market gardeners,” she said.

“The site is well positioned to accept deliveries of obsolete ag vet chemicals from across Sydney and surrounding areas.”

The Lakes Golf Club Green Keeper Anthony Mills disposed of 214.5 litres of agvet chemicals during the site’s first open day last month.

Anthony said he inherited the chemicals after taking on the role 15 months ago.

“We had a few insecticides and few herbicides that are no longer registered,” he said. “With some of the chemicals you couldn’t even read the label.”

He said the new permanent spot was convenient for growers and turf professionals.

“It gives you a bit of peace of mind, because it’s a legitimate way to get rid of your chemicals,” he said.

Lisa said registrations are still essential to utilise the new service. Users are asked to take an inventory of their chemicals and register them for next month’s collection at 1800 008 182 or online

An appointment time and address will be provided to all registrants and receipt provided at the delivery point once the chemicals are signed off.

More than 102,000 litres/kilograms of unwanted or out-of-date chemicals throughout NSW have been disposed of through ChemClear since the program first started in 2003.

Ninety eight per cent of the chemical collected is used as an alternative fuel source in the manufacturing of cement.

Most of the material is destroyed in kilns which reach temperatures in excess of 1800°C.


1. ChemClear team take chemicals for collection.

2. Chemicals collected.

3. ChemClear team assess collection.