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Winners share stories on pursuing their dream in ag’

Published: 22-11-2013

Steven Serafin and Brett Barker took out the Agsafe bursary award last year. They share their stories about how the educational grant has helped them pursue their dreams in agriculture.

Steven Serafin

Steven Serafin is a trainee agronomist with Yenda Producers in Yenda, NSW, and has been studying an Advanced Diploma in Agriculture at Yanco College.

The father of four put his $2500 towards more units in his qualification which would help him in his role at Yenda. During the past year, Steven sold his citrus farm and is getting closer to reaching his goal of becoming fully qualified in his role.

“I’ve still got three to four years to go. I’ve got 15 subjects to get through but I’m working through them,” he said.

Steven said young people looking to get into the industry should apply for the bursary.

“Everyone should have a crack at it, but especially younger people,” he said. “Don’t be shy to have a go. It’s also a good way to learn all about drumMUSTER and Agsafe.”


Brett Barker

Brett Barker, from Nullawil in Victoria, won $2500 as part of Agsafe’s Educational Bursary that went to a new computer and text books for his Bachelor of Agriculture degree.

Brett’s on his way to finishing his third and final year at Latrobe University and is keen to become an agronomist.

During his uni breaks, Brett makes the three hour drive back to the family farm of wheat, barley, canola, peas and sheep.

“I still play footy and I go back there often to help out,” he said. “Dad is a farmer and he’s really happy that I’m doing something in that field.”

He said the only advice he can give to anyone thinking of applying for the bursary is to research.

“Make sure you learn everything about the different projects going on at Agsafe and drumMUSTER,” he said.

“I read the 20 million drum milestone brochure and that really helped out.”

“I also got my knowledge about what people do on farms from my own experiences on the farm which helped.”

The competition will run from 21 October to 20 December 2013. Winners are expected to be announced in January next year.

To enter the bursary or for more information, visit