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ChemClear returns for late year NSW collection

Published: 04-09-2013

ChemClear, the program which collects unwanted and out-of-date agvet chemicals, is planning a collection across Southern NSW for October.

The program is calling on all waste holders to register their unwanted chemicals for the collection. So far, 6,652 L/kg of obsolete product has already been registered for the upcoming collection.

3,852 L/kg of chemical already logged on the booking line falls into the free for collection category as a 4c per litre levy has been applied on these chemicals at the point of sale.

The Group 2 category of chemicals is also building with 2,800 L/kg already registered. These products are from unknown and historic manufacturers or companies not participating in the ChemClear and drumMUSTER stewardship programs.  A fee per litre for disposal is applied to these chemicals as they sit outside the stewardship programs scope.

The collection comes off the back of a successful state-wide campaign late last year where the ChemClear truck collected more than 10 tonnes of products.

ChemClear National Manager Lisa Nixon said the program has collected more than 98 tonnes of obsolete chemicals from NSW alone.

“ChemClear has undertaken a combination of 21 state and regional collections in NSW since the program’s inception in 2003 with great results,” she said.

“A lot of farmers should consider the environment and health consequences of storing these potentially harmful products.

“For most agvet chemical users their only solution is to call ChemClear. I strongly encourage all chemical users to take a look around their sheds and farms for any obsolete chemicals, take an inventory of these products and give us a call to register to have them collected for safe disposal.”

Farmers and other chemical users have four weeks until the booking deadline closes on 4th October to take advantage of this run scheduled for Southern NSW. Since 2003, the program has collected 387,565 litres of chemicals. 98% of the chemical collected is used as an alternative fuel source in the manufacturing of cement. Most of the material is destroyed in kilns which reach temperatures in excess of 1800°C.

To register your unwanted chemicals for ChemClear’s next run call the hotline on 1800 008 182.


1. ChemClear team with waste holder John Gordon

2. ChemClear truck