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Queenslanders embrace ChemClear

Published: 03-10-2011

Well over 100 tonnes of chemical have been registered for the upcoming ChemClear collection run across Queensland, with final scheduling now taking place.

The Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI) has provided flood damage funding assistance for 29 of the hardest-hit Local Government areas to assist in their clean-up operations.

A grand total of 47 LGA’s will benefit from the collection run and users across the state have been quick to get involved. At the close of the booking line the tally for Group one registrations stood at approximately 41,617 tonnes, with around 77 tonnes of Group two product also registered for collection.

“This is shaping up as a truly record-breaking collection, not just for QLD but also nationally,” said National Program Manager Lisa Nixon.

“It is evidence that ChemClear is playing its part in providing a service for both chemical users and in turn the environment.”

Watch out for results of this collection in the coming months at