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ChemClear teams up with Government to assist flood clean-up mission

Published: 03-10-2011

Chemical users across the state of Queensland will receive an excellent opportunity to dispose of their unwanted, inherited or unknown chemicals in June, with ChemClear coming to town.

This will be the first foray into the Sunshine State since June 2009 and ChemClear are planning to collect from a wide area of QLD in their scheduled late June-early July collection, depending on demand.

The issue of unwanted or obsolete chemicals sitting in sheds cannot be downplayed; leaving these products can provide a serious health risk to both humans and livestock and the ChemClear service is striving to provide some much-needed assistance. ChemClear works hand-in-hand with local shire councils to organise the collection and safe disposal of agricultural and veterinary chemicals, which are classified into either group one or group two categories.
Residents in certain flood-affected areas of Queensland will also benefit from the program after the Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI) partnered ChemClear to support the collection and disposal of chemicals from 37 Local Government areas severely impacted by the 2011 natural disasters.

Any person who has found, inherited or is storing eligible chemicals as a result of flood waters, and resides in one of the allocated areas can register to have them collected and disposed of free of charge under this initiative.

“We are pleased to be working with DEEDI to help those persons who have chemicals in their possession as a result of the flood waters,” ChemClear national Program Manager Lisa Nixon said.

“It can be distressing for people with no knowledge of chemicals to deal with a container turning up in their yard or down in their paddocks and this initiative can help start the clean-up process.”

Last time ChemClear paid Queensland a visit, over 22 tonnes of chemicals were received and Ms. Nixon is looking forward to even more success this time.

“We are in the process of getting ready for our upcoming trip to Queensland, where we are hoping to well and truly eclipse the 22,000 litres of chemical we collected throughout the state last time around,” she said.

“We already have over 32.5 tonnes registered for collection there so we are certainly hopeful we can retain this level of registrations moving through the processing and quotation stage through to the collection stage of our program. Registrations drop off from time to time due to the cost of disposal of unknown chemicals, so if you have these products please register them and provide as much information as possible, especially in regards to what you think they may be. “

“This ensures we can accurately assess the cost for disposal. In a lot of circumstances the farmer knows what the product is and this information makes a difference at the time of quoting.”
To register for this collection, give ChemClear a call on 1800 008 182 or log on to