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  • New Agsafe GM appointed

    Apr 29 2015
    Australia’s leading agricultural and chemical industry stewardship program Agsafe is pleased to welcome Alison Carmichael as the new General Manager. “I am delighted to be a part of the Agsafe team and to have the opportunity to lead this celebrated not-for-profit delivery organisation. Agsafe has been operating for over 20 ...
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  • Last chance to register for ChemClear collection

    Mar 5 2015
    With the booking line for the Queensland collection closing on 27 March 2015, now is the perfect time to register your obsolete agvet chemicals. Over 26,500 litres of chemical has already been registered by 92 waste holders in the state, including farmers, rural businesses and golf courses. In the last month alone, ChemClear has...
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  • New Regional Consultant for South Australia

    Mar 4 2015
    Users of drumMUSTER and ChemClear have a new port of call, with the experienced Stewart McIntosh looking forward to the challenges ahead in his role as the new Regional Consultant for South Australia. Mr McIntosh has a wealth of industry knowledge and in addition to helping increase container return rates and liaising with local...
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  • Register your chemicals before 27th March

    Jan 20 2015
    ChemClear is forecasting a record breaking collection when it heads to Queensland this year. The collection, due to run through May and June, will be ChemClear’s 6th visit to Queensland. National Program Manager Lisa Nixon believes that the totals will surpass all previous collections undertaken in the state. “We have had a ...
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  • Queensland chemical collection eagerly anticipated

    Jan 15 2015
    Preparations for the 2015 Queensland ChemClear collection are underway, with Program Manager Lisa Nixon forecasting a big year for the program. Lisa said, “we have had a lot of interest already from primary producers and other agvet chemical users that have registered their surplus stocks over the last 12 months.   We are ex...
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  • Health Warning

    Dec 16 2014
    Agsafe and its programs are working with NSW WorkCover to spread awareness of the effects of chemical exposure to farmers and the rural community. There are a variety of chemicals that have been identified as being hazardous to health, not only from direct use but from secondary exposure. One of the more volatile chemicals is t...
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  • ChemClear wraps up NSW collection

    Nov 19 2014
    ChemClear’s NSW state collection run is now complete. A total of 27.5 tonnes of unwanted agvet chemicals was collected for appropriate disposal from over 150 chemical users, including 110 farmers participating in the program. The retrieval vehicle visited 69 local government sites over a 5 week schedule and travelled in excess...
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  • Register Endolsulfan for 2015 ChemClear collection

    Oct 27 2014
    The ChemClear program collects unwanted agricultural and veterinary chemicals at the end of their life cycle for appropriate disposal. ChemClear has scheduled a collection for Queensland which is being planned for May and June 2015. Changes to the use of certain chemicals have been introduced across the Cotton industry over the ...
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  • ChemClear’s biggest collection in SA

    Jul 20 2014
    ChemClear has collected one of its biggest hauls of unwanted and out-of-date agvet chemicals from farmers and chemical users during this year’s recent collection in South Australia. Registrations for the collection reached more than 26,000 L/kg of agvet chemicals before the booking line closed in late March. The registration t...
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  • Helping hand to farmers as ChemClear heads to NSW

    Jul 1 2014
    Farmer and chemical users across the state will be given a much needed hand in getting rid of their unwanted agvet chemicals as ChemClear plans its next collection for the state. The program is calling on all waste holders in NSW to register their unwanted chemicals for the collection. So far, 14,407 L/kg of obsolete product has...
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